Monday, February 2, 2009

Trading hits: market news

Some chart-climbing hits from the artists of the investment blogosphere and the web.

1. Stock market performance round-up - Investment Postcards.

2. A Daschle tax roundup - TaxProf Blog.

3. Groundhog day market wrap - Bear Mountain Bull.

4. Falling rents and their effect on home prices - Big Picture.

5. Jim Rogers on Obama's economic team - BBC News.

6. Hedge funds as "easy victims", bullish on 2009 - All About Alpha.

7. Congress makes hedge funds a scapegoat for financial crisis - Jeff Matthews.

8. Art as a financial asset class - Market Movers (H/T Abnormal Returns).

Have a look around at the blogs posted above. We'll see you back here for more new music and rock n' roll fun tomorrow.

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