Friday, January 30, 2009

Madonna - Don't Tell Me

Madonna - Don't Tell Me.

Warners recently took down all their videos from YouTube. No wonder I can't find any of my favorite Madonna clips. Screw 'em; here's a clip from VH1 Classic.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New music links added

Time to get started on building the Trader Rock link list.

I've added a few new music resources to the "Music Blogs" sidebar column, so we'll have a growing list of sites for you to check out. Here's a quick rundown on the sites added so far:

1. All Music Guide - Excellent resource for music reviews and artist info, discographies. I'm especially fond of the album reviews by Stephen Thomas Erlewine and Steve Huey, and in fact most of the reviewers seem top notch. Also home to the Allmusic Blog.

2. Technicolor Web of Sound - 1960s Psychedelic rock n' roll web radio station. Great playlist, and a lot of fun to listen to (check out the period radio ads played in between songs). Everything from Cream and Small Faces to lesser-known acts like The Birds (Ronnie Wood's group) and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy!

3. Beyond the Beat Generation - Another kick ass site focusing on '60s rock and roll, specifically underground rock of the period. They stream the music in a format called Shoutcast which I was able to play on Real Player, but the site suggests Winamp and a couple other media players as ideal options.

4. Kim Fowley's Underground Garage - Kim Fowley plays rock n' roll records new and old, while spicing up the playlist with great between-songs patter and his rather unique outlook on life in general. A personal favorite.

5. Little Steven's Underground Garage - The Sirius garage rock show that spawned offshoot shows hosted by Kim Fowley (see above) and others like Joan Jett, Andrew Loog Oldham, and more. I think you may have to register (free) to hear Steven van Zandt's show, but look around and check out the site.

Enjoy these sites, look around, and find some great new music. Know of a good site that we missed? Feel free to mention it here. We'll have more new videos and music resources for you shortly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to Trader Rock

Welcome to Trader Rock.

This is a blog I've started to supplement, and expand on, my occasional "jukebox" posts at
Finance Trends Matter.

I'm constantly listening to music throughout the day, so I thought, "why not share some of my favorite songs and music videos with other bloggers/market watchers?". That's what I aim to do here, with a little help from YouTube and my friends.

If you're looking for rock n' roll fun and some musical nourishment for your day, you've come to the right place. Kick back and listen to some hits, or search for new/old music as you work through your blog reading/writing/trading day.

Now let's get this thing started. Here's a little something that should be familiar to everyone who grew up in the time when MTV was a music video channel. From MTV's opening broadcast: The Buggles, with
"Video Killed the Radio Star".