Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kaleidoscope - Dive Into Yesterday

Kaleidoscope - Dive Into Yesterday.

Psychedelic Thursday - Kaleidoscope (from the UK, not to be confused with the American group of the same name) were a pretty interesting group.

After stumbling onto this fine tune on YouTube recently, I later realized that I already knew this band through their single "A Dream for Julie", featured on the Nuggets II box set.

This song, taken from the UK group's 1967 LP Tangerine Dream, is the first of many more to come from these fine young lads. Enjoy the tune!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music news: Beijing's underground rock scene

File this one under "World Culture"...

Tim Swanson, my blogging pal and man-on-the-scene in China, hips us to the burgeoning underground rock n' roll scene in Beijing. You can find part one of CNN's video report on this underground music scene in the above link at Tim's blog.

Being a follower of both rock n' roll and cultural trends, I decided to head on over to the CNN website and dig up the rest of the clips from this televised report. Have a look:

Sidenote: I'll admit that I was interested to know more about lyrics in Chinese rock music, but the interviewer seemed to press this issue a little too much; it made her seem like a total outsider and a bit of a narc. Interesting to see the musicians' responses to these questions and others, they seemed very charming and thoughtful.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Music news: John's Children, Chicago live music, and more

Here's what's going on in the world of Trader Rock:

1. So Many Records recently did an excellent post on '60s rock n' roll band John's Children.

Record collectors and those interested in Marc Bolan's pre-T.Rex work will find this to be a very interesting post. Plus, I got to hear some more of those hard-to-find John's Children tunes, which were excellent.

2. Went to see some live bands at Schubas last night with Trader Luke, (aka "douchebag trader"). Via Audio, Yacht, and Chairlift were sharing the bill.

It had been a while since I'd been out to see any live acts, and in fact I didn't know anything about the bands we were going to see. Ended up liking them all, especially the night's first two acts, Via Audio and Yacht. Yacht's set was easily the high-energy climax of the evening; those kids know how get the crowd moving with their danceable, electronic "2000s style grunge" music.

Promise to have more on these new groups in the days ahead. The kids on YouTube were right: there is some good music out there these days, you just have to go out and find it.

3. Stereogum recommends The Best Show on WFMU. I haven't heard it yet, but will have to listen to some of their programs soon.

Listener-supported WFMU is in the final push of its fundraising marathon tonight, so check out their programs and give them a pledge if you are so inclined!

4. Old folks review Young Jeezy and Animal Collective.

That's a wrap. See you tomorrow for more rock n' roll radio.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Joy Division - Transmission

Joy Division - Transmission.

P.S. Fans of the JDs might be interested in the 2007 Joy Division documentary directed by Grant Gee, which you can now view on YouTube.

I've posted a link to the playlist, just press the "Play All Videos" link near the top of the page for continuous play. Enjoy.