Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaleidoscope - Please

Kaleidoscope - Please.

Not to be confused with the UK psychedelic group of the same name, the US band Kaleidoscope were a "psychedelic folk and ethnic band" of the mid '60s - early '70s whose influence was felt on many musicians, including Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page (Wikipedia).

1967 piece "Stranger in Your City"/"Beacon from Mars," recorded live in the studio, was also influential, with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page calling them his "favourite band of all time." [2] It featured a solo by Lindley in which, on stage, he used a violin bow on electric guitar, probably inspiring Page to use the same effect later."

"Please" is a gentle song that asks the listener to "take me as I am". Check it out.

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