Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elizabeth Fraser interview: the Cocteau Twins & me

Following up yesterday's jukebox post, here's a rare interview with Elizabeth Fraser, celebrated singer of the now-defunct Cocteau Twins.

Turns out the group won't be getting back together anytime soon either, despite some attractive offers thrown their way in recent years as their influence over a new generation of musicians has grown:

"The Cocteau Twins had been apart for seven years, the mystique they had attained during their lifetime gradually growing and their influence spreading, when the announcement came that they were to reform.

The world was told they would be headlining the 2005 Coachella festival in California, and would follow that with a major tour. According to bassist Simon Raymonde, the band stood to benefit to the tune of £1.5m each for getting back together – enough to guarantee them financial security, enough to secure the future of Raymonde's Bella Union label.

There was just one problem. Within weeks of the announcement, the group's singer, Elizabeth Fraser, announced she wouldn't take part.

"I don't remember it being that much money and in any case that's not the reason [for reforming]," she says today, in her first interview since the band split in 1998. "But people get so fucking carried away. Even though something's staring you in the face, people just cannot see it. I knew it wouldn't happen and it didn't take long to want out..." "

Very interesting profile of an artist I'm just getting to know. Definitely worth a full read. Enjoy.

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