Friday, October 21, 2011

Loud Lucy - Ticking

Loud Lucy - Ticking

Does anyone remember this Loud Lucy single? This came out when I was about 16, back when the Chicago alternative rock scene was speeding through a minor post-Pumpkins gold rush.

Had to check the production credits to find the name of Brad Wood - I recall that he was the local producer of note at that time, having worked with Liz Phair and other Chicago notables. 

This single has that sound of your friends' now-seasoned senior year band, shined up with a bit of mid-'90s production gloss. Takes me back.

Interesting sidenote: Amazon includes a review from Jim Dero, who notes the band's debut album was originally recorded with Jack Endino, but scrapped as it was "too polished"(!). That's not a tag I expected to be hung on the engineer of Nirvana's Bleach and the first Thrown-Ups album.

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