Friday, May 21, 2010

Soundgarden - Into the Void (Sealth)

Soundgarden - Into the Void (Sealth).

Wake and bake, kids. It's your old friends, Soundgarden covering Black Sabbath's classic "Into the Void", from 1971's Master of Reality LP.

This SG cover originally appeared on a CD single for "Jesus Christ Pose", so it's nice to get a YouTube clip that reflects that with the cover art.

Soundgarden's take on Void has a twist: while staying musically faithful to the Sabbath original, Soundgarden uses the (alleged) words of Chief Sealth (or more correctly, Chief Si'hal, for whom Seattle was named) for lyrical styling.

This was a stroke of brilliance, as bassist Ben Shepard saw that the words attributed to Chief Sealth fit the meter of this song, though the environmental plea credited to him was, in fact, a total fabrication.

You can learn more about Chief Sealth's actual speech or, lack thereof, here.

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